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pistachio but better

Once considered the food for royalty, we pour our heart and soul in producing only the highest quality of pistachio that is sure to channel your inner royalty. 

At Bazzaz, we are committed to bringing you happiness, warmth and health one pistachio at a time.

Customer Reviews

What Our Customers Have To Say

Bazzas pistachios are hands down the best pistachios i've ever had. They come well sealed to keep fresh and tasty. Easy to peel, crunchy and salty enough to have as a snack with drinks. I continously restock as I like to serve them for apéro when we have guests. Love their packaging which allows to preserve well after opening. Friends and family love them. I highly recommend this brand.
Brisbane, Queensland
Absolutely love these pistachios! I can actually taste the difference of these pistachios with the ones I used to buy. There's no doubt that I'll be repurchasing these again!!!
Rosalie, Queensland

where it all begins

Our pistachios are harvested and roasted from pistachio farms that have a history of 150 years in Rafsanjan, a town in the heart of the desert in central Iran, where the pistachio tree is native to.

now in australiA

From the origin of pistachio, our pistachios are roasted and packed with care into a tin to preserve its freshness and high nutritional values. These love filled tins are now available to be delivered to you in Australia. 

your go to healthy snacks

Roasted and salted to perfection, these addictive healthy snacks are your new guilty pleasures except your body and mind will feel better than ever. Be it for work, travel, gathering with friends…… YOU NAME IT, we promise our pistachios are sure to please the crowd. 

Snacking has never felt so good.

Our Stockists

Our pistachios are being sold in your locally owned stores too. Spot us and pick us up from the shelves the next time you visit and we promise it will be a cheeky addition to your weekly grocery shopping.