Our story

Here at Bazzaz, pistachios are our specialty.

It’s what we do, love, and care about.

Hand harvested, roasted to perfection, ready to be shared with you and your loved ones.

About Our Founder

It all began, when our founder Amin first stepped on Australian soil. Immediately noticing that the taste and quality of pistachios sold in Australia lacked the quality and taste of the pistachios he grew up tasting in Iran. So he made it his mission to share the beauty of these pistachios of Persia to the world.

Founder of Bazzaz, Amin by the beach
Pistachio fruit blooming on pistachio tree

Our Journey

Our journey has come a long way from a small town named Rafsanjan, in the heart of the desert in central Iran, where the pistachio tree is native. From a humble pistachio farmer in Iran, Bazzaz’s pistachio farm has been passed down through five generations, creating years of knowledge and expertise in the field. With the combination of modern technologies and over 150 years of experience in pistachio farming, we pride ourselves as being experts in producing the best pistachios in the world.


The brand

Three cans of Bazzaz pistachio on display on a shelf

Our Values

Bazzaz was born in 2018 based on our belief that the quality and taste of food is as important as its nutrients. This is reflected in our specialisation in pistachios as not only do they taste good, but they are also packed with plant-based protein, antioxidants and are rich in fibre. Thus, we believe that opting for healthier and more premium quality treats should be easy and hassle-free. We view our business as both an opportunity and a responsibility to share our commitment to preserving family tradition as well as practicing sustainable agricultural practices.

Sustainable Business

At Bazzaz, we do our best to ensure our business model remains sustainable, so you can consume these nutrient-packed nuts with zero worries. From the farm, to your hands, we have an eye on all stages. That way we can provide you with the greatest quality of pistachios at the best price in the Australian market. Our ethically sourced and durable packaging was chosen to ensure our business remains sustainable and our pistachios remain rich in both flavour and quality. This explains why our fibre-rich pistachios are preservative-free!

Men inspecting on pistachio trees in a pistachio farm in Iran

Bringing you happiness, warmth and health one pistachio at a time.